NDI Democracy Award

NDI’s Democracy Award honors individuals and organizations that have exhibited a sustained commitment to democracy and human rights, and have demonstrated leadership, integrity and courage in their dedication to democratic values and practices.

2015 Honorees

The 2015 Democracy Award will honor four courageous Tunisian democrats; Yassine Brahim, Rafik Halouani, Wafa Makhlouf and Sayida Ounissi who have been at the forefront of efforts to advance the democratic transition in their country where the Arab Spring began. One is a Minister for Development Investment and International Cooperation. Two were elected to the Assembly of Representatives of People and one is a civic leader.  In honoring Yassine Brahim, Rafik Halouani, Wafa Makhlouf and Sayida Ounissi, NDI is recognizing a new generation of leaders who are safeguarding democracy in Tunisia.